As technology continues to evolve and weave further into our everyday lives, a new report has suggested that by 2025, the home buying experience will be made unrecognisable by the use of high tech such as virtual reality and drone footage to view properties and ‘big data’ marketing to target potential buyers.

And so it appears that, at Clyde Property  – the future is now.

Drone Footage

Drone footage allows us to showcase your property from angles and heights that conventional cameras simply cannot achieve. And time and time again we here at Clyde Property are highlighting our finger on the pulse response to technological changes within the industry; ensuring we are always at the forefront. A high quality video can enhance the experience of any home buyers – as is the case with this Milngavie home that sold in 1 week, at 8% above Home Report value. Marketed by us, with the addition of a professionally edited video of the property, filmed using a drone, we have been able to really show off the wow factor of this stunning home and raise incredible amounts of interest in the shortest time.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are a perfect match for estate agents, as they allow potential buyers a life-like experience from anywhere at any time. Augmented reality allows people to “build a relationship” with the property and get a better feeling for the layout etc. even when the property is not available for viewing or reaching it is not practical. Again, Clyde Property is already utilising this technology of the future. By simply downloading the Clyde Property app (here are the links for Apple or Google Store), you can use the AR feature and instantly get access to a wide selection of our impressive HD quality video content anytime, anywhere.


All you have to do is point your mobile or tablet at the property information / brochure / for sale sign and an HD video presentation of the property will automatically begin. Also, with just one click, you have access to all our social media channels, our blog and our website directly from the app. If you’re interested in reading more about or app or following the link to download it, click on this link. 

‘Big data’

Another trend of the future for estate agencies – that we are already on board of – is the use of ‘big data’ when marketing properties. This also makes perfect sense as it allows us the opportunity to match homes for sale with buyers according to their lifestyle and target relevant potential buyers. By making use of advanced digital marketing tools we are a lot more efficient in our marketing spend while still making sure homes sell quickly, at the best possible price.

future of home buying

Using search engine optimisation, online advertising and social media, we ensure that properties reach the relevant market as soon as possible through advanced digital targeting. Our various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) are not only for selling but for opening conversations with clients and business partners, becoming more transparent about the way we do business and bringing out more useful property related information to our market.


And with MyClyde – the most advanced portal available on the Scottish market, offering full transparency to your account and property transactions, it’s clear to see that the future is already here when you select the right Scottish Estate Agent.

Contact your local Clyde Property branch today for more details on our use of technology and how that can help your next home sale!