Your garden may not be looking its best at the moment, but this is the perfect time of year to start making horticultural plans. Spring is just around the corner – we’re nearly there!

This year, we will see an increase in natural materials, DIY-style garden designs, and pops of bright colours. After many years of ultra modern, geometric, and minimalist industrial design, people are looking for a more authentic look. Much like the fashion and interior trends this year, gardening trends for 2017 will be more organic, romantic and tactile.

Popular materials this year will include wood, stone and jute. A mixture of rustic and bright plant pots, reclaimed wooden containers, rattan furniture, bright outdoor rugs and painted patio walls. Scatter cushions, hanging chairs, and fairy lights will also be popular. We may not have a lot of sunshine in Scotland, but we can certainly make our outdoor spaces bright and cheerful this year.

Hardy Garden Plants for Scottish Weather

Robust plants that can withstand the temperamental Scottish weather is the way to go. Whilst we have a very varied climate that is suited to a large variety of plants, the rain, wind, and lack of heat does make it difficult for some species. Locally sourced, native foliage is always a good idea if you want to create a garden that will flourish and stand the test of time.

To encourage a wide variety of wildlife, it is advisable to choose native species of trees and shrubs. Recommended trees include alder, cherry, oak and willow. For shrubs, you’ll do well with blackthorn, broom, buckthorn and rodgerias

In terms of flowering plants, heather, lavender, bluebells, and night-scented stocks are all great choices. And if you want to introduce some climbing foliage, go for honeysuckle, vetch, wild rose and ivy. The latter can withstand pretty much anything, so you will need to maintain it or it will get out of control!

A tiny space doesn’t have to be a barrier to wildlife. Small, thoughtful changes can have a significant impact. Make the most of walls, doorways, patios and paths, and consider planting window boxes with butterfly nectar plants. Old sinks and buckets placed away from overhanging trees can make great little ponds, too. And if you want to see the squirrels being greedy and mischievous, get some hanging feeders for your outdoor space or windows. But be warned, they’re not shy!

Patio Terrace Summer Evening


From Garden to Table

In Scotland, the ‘Grow your Own’ trend has taken hold over the past year, with a steady rise in edible gardens. According to Catherine Erskine, Chair of Discover Scottish Gardens: “We are seeing a steady rise in community cooperatives and edible gardening projects across towns and city neighbourhoods. People increasingly share private and public garden allotments to regain the valuable skills and rediscover the joys of growing your own produce.”

Wether you have a large garden or just a small patio or windowsill, there are plenty of ways to utilise your green thumb. With a growing trend in hanging planters, window herb boxes, and potted plants, you don’t need a huge amount of space to start growing your own food. In particular, root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, leeks, pumpkins, and rhubarb do incredibly well in the wet weather. Great news if you love a hearty stew!

Garden Trends 2017


Urban Jungles

If you’re a city dweller living in an apartment, you needn’t forgo gardening. You may not have a private outdoor space that you can cultivate, but you can bring the outside in. With a growing trend in large houseplants and macramé hangers, 2017 is the year to create an urban jungle in your home.

Tiny window gardens and indoor foliage are great ways to transform your home and make a real statement. Table top decorations and a collection of various sized cacti and succulents on a sideboard. Spider plants hanging from windows and ceilings. Huge cheese plants and rubber plants in terracotta pots or bright ceramic planters. Beautifully crafted window boxes filled with geraniums and fuchsias, and a large hydrangea to greet you at the front door. The possibilities are endless.

Croydon Gardener

Health Benefits of Green Spaces

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, green spaces offer a number of health benefits. They can help us de-stress, elevate our moods, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, boost creativity and concentration, and encourage outdoor play and community socialisation.

Finding the time to get outside can be challenging, however. We spend so much time stuck indoors, and not everyone has the advantage of owning a garden. It makes sense, therefore, to bring nature into the home to really appreciate the benefits that flora and fauna have to offer.

Houseplants are a great way to counter pollution, but even the act of repotting a new plant or creating a colourful window box display can be extremely therapeutic after a stressful day at work or school, not to mention the visual joy we get from being surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants in the home.

What are your gardening goals this spring? Let us know in comments!

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