While nowadays we celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ once a year, festivities around motherhood trace all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece. The date of Mother’s Day changes annually because it is linked to Easter and, thus, the lunar calendar. It always falls on the third Sunday before Easter, which is usually at the end of March or early April. This year, the holiday will be celebrated across UK on Sunday 26th March.

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Home

One day of the year is simply not enough, but an official Mother’s Day holiday does ensure that we don’t become too complacent in honouring our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, step-mothers and mothers-in-law and generally all mother figures in our lives.

These are the never tiring people who tucked us into our warm beds at night and put a kiss and a plaster around a sore finger when we were little, who baked lovely birthday cakes in the middle of the night, who make an amazing Christmas dinner for twelve people like it’s nothing, who hold our hands through our first steps in each and every stage of our lives, who taught us what a home is with their love and warmth. After all there is a saying that home is wherever mum is.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

There are no rules that dictate what present you should give to your mum. You don’t even need to buy something – you could make her breakfast in bed, bake a cake and treat her with what you would usually expect to be spoiled with. Why not offer to do the chores or tend to the garden? It’s the little things that are often so much more valuable and appreciated.

But whatever you buy or do for your mum, she’ll love it. Just don’t forget that it’s Mother’s Day – she won’t love that! Take it from us, we’ve got lots of mums working here at Clyde Property, and they all agree – the best gift they could receive from their children this Sunday is simply their loving company. Although, hang on… they would like to add that flowers and chocolates would definitely not go amiss. Mother knows best.

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