Few things are more burdensome than recycling when you live in a small apartment or you don’t have a large garage where you can store away these unsightly waste items until bin collection day (which never seems to happen when it should). If you’re keen to help the environment without turning your house into a bit of a tip, we’ve got some great compact and stylish recycling solutions to make your home life easier and clutter free.

Multi-compartment bins

The most practical, straightforward way to create a compact and stylish recycling system is, of course, to use just one bin. In recent months, we’ve seen a number of fabulous multi-compartment receptacles that make this a viable recycling option for urban and rural households of all sizes.

Totem Bin by Joseph Joseph

One of our favourites is the Totem Bin by Joseph Joseph. It looks cool and it works really well. With a removable integral food caddy with filter, a general waste unit at the top, and a pull-out multi-purpose recycling drawer on the base, the Totem Bin is an innovative system that combines all of your waste and recycling requirements in one neat, stylish and practical unit. It even has wheels and a handle for easy transportation.

3-Section Stainless Steel Recycling Bin by John Lewis

Three bins in one, allowing you to easily sort your general waste and recycling. With separate pedal mechanisms and removal inner bins, each section of this multi-purpose recycling unit from John Lewis can be operated and emptied independently. Finished in brushed stainless steel for a classic look that will work in any kitchen or utility room.

Cubek 2-Bin Recycling Unit by Hahn

The Cubek indoor recycling unit by Hahn is a compact, stylish storage system that is cleverly engineered to prevent nasty smells from escaping. With a robust powder-coated steel frame and lidded top, the two doors of the unit open simultaneously for easy waste sorting. The inner buckets are removable and have handles, making them easy to empty and clean. Additional storage is also available at the top of the unit, which is great for storing plastic bags and small non-recyclables, such as batteries.

Recycling bags and containers

If you’re looking for simple solutions for your recycling waste only, as opposed to multi-purpose bins, we’ve found some compact and stylish options that may pique your interest.


Anvandbar Bench by IKEA

A handy seating area and stylish recycling unit in one, the Anvandbar Bench from Ikea is a great solution for dry waste sorting in limited space. The bench lid has soft-closing hinges to prevent catching your fingers, and there’s wheels on the base for moving it around easily. Waste bins are sold separately in various sizes.

Recycling Bags from Amazon

This set of bright, colour-coded bags from Amazon is the perfect solution for sorting, storing and transporting your recycling waste. They’ll look pretty cool sitting in a neat row on the floor or on a shelf in the utility room, or you can hang them from hooks or squish them in a cupboard. The bold colours will likely appeal to children too – perhaps a good way to get them involved in tidying up!  Each bag has a Velcro attachment so you can fix them to one another. Generous 53 litre-capacity, easy to clean, and strong enough to hold large amounts of paper, glass or plastic.

Household Waste Recycling Bags by Lakeland

If you’re after a more neutral shade of recycling bags, this set of three Household Waste Recycling Bags from Lakeland is ideal. The stylish grey and white free-standing bags have helpful symbols on the front, sturdy carry handles for easy lifting, and hook-and-loop fastenings for joining them together.

Food compost bins

Food is the trickiest recycling waste to deal with. It starts to decompose very quickly, so you’ll find that most compost bins are very small. Leave it too long and the biodegradable bag inside your food waste bin will start to fall apart! The following compost caddy’s are compact and stylish, so they’ll look great sitting on a countertop in your kitchen.

Compost Bin by Vonshef

Recycle and reduce your kitchen waste with ease using with this rust-resistant, stainless steel countertop compost bin by Vonshef. Featuring an activated, odour-reducing carbon filter, this fun and fashionable food waste bin has an airtight seal lid, a 4.5 litre capacity, and a carry handle for easy transportation around the home.


Vintage Kitchen Summerhouse Compost Caddy by Typhoon

This beautiful vintage-style compost caddy comes in a stylish egg-shell blue colour and will look fabulous on any worktop. Featuring an airtight seal and a carbon filter to reduce any unwanted odours, it’s the perfect food waste solution for a modern or traditional kitchen.

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