If you’ve just kitted out your home in copper hexagonals and rose gold pineapples – which could be seen on any self respecting interior design Instagram feed in 2016, you may like to stop reading now. Well, on second thought, keep reading: the key luxury home trends for 2017 are as follows…

Technology Embedded in Furniture


2017 is all about the tech, with a huge move towards more voice controlled, and smart phone activated pieces. We’ll see a raft of smarter home gadgets served up; saving time, effort and money. Those in the know predict a surge in popularity of multi purpose furniture (think tables with built in speakers, or ovens that adjust, depending on which dish you cook). According to the John Lewis Annual Retail Report; the key focus for 2017 will be functionality, whilst preserving the sleek aesthetic of modern pieces.

The Teen and Tween Lounge


With a dedicated swerve away from open plan living, comes a desire for more intimate, welcoming spaces within our homes. Contemplation pods are de-rigueur for the adults; but pets and children are given equal consideration too. What house would be complete without an exclusive hangout for the tweens and teens? This is a place kids can kick back, relax and enjoy the home cinema; no grown ups allowed!

Luxury Laundry Rooms


The humblest of rooms is coming out of the closet for 2017. Laden with high-end gadgets this luxe space is a world away from the utility room of old. In fact, the key word here is space, and lots of it; as the bone fide engine room of any modern home, this sad, forgotten corner is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Bringing Nature Indoors


If 2016 was all about the pink flamingo, then 2017 promises a bit more sophistication. Greenery in all forms (it’s Pantone‘s colour of the season, afterall) is a key trend. It’s enjoying a resurgence in real life form too – so why not get yourself a terrarium, and bring the outside, in.

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