In recent years, quality and availability of broadband Internet has increased at the same time as the technology to produce high quality video has become more available. This created the perfect context for offering video tours for properties on the market.

At Clyde Property, we have started offering professional HD video and drone footage to home sellers who wanted to make the best impression amongst potential buyers about 4 years ago. We had fantastic response from sellers and buyers alike and recently the market started to clearly require the option not as a fancy extra but as a standard option.  That is why we have recently decided to offer home sellers a professional video tour as standard in all our marketing packages.

What Makes Video So Special?

It is human nature to let our eye follow everything with movement. It has been researched that people will watch, interact and remember video media three times longer than simple photography. And we have seen no better way to present our clients’ homes than through video, except for an actual walk through viewing, of course. Video offers prospective buyers the possibility of experiencing your home in a far more descriptive and memorable way than any good quality image can.

A video gives a more accurate description of a home that buyers can really experience

We all know home buyers as well as home sellers are active, busy people who like to continue their home search well over regular business hours. That is why we are open longer than any other estate agent, but also why providing video tours will give a more accurate impression of what their next home might be from the comfort of their home, at any time of day and night.

Better Online Response and Click-through Rates

It has been measured, based on browsing behaviour, that visitors are likely to stay longer on a web page with video. And the longer a user stays on our website, looking at your listing, the more likely they are to transform into a lead.

Latest numbers

According to leading social media management platform, Hootsuite72 percent of businesses who use video say it has increased website conversion rates. Not only that, but 74 percent of all internet traffic in 2017 is projected to come from video and Facebook has 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users.

HD property video – from 30 sec to 2 mins – for every home sold with Clyde Property

Have you seen our recently launched marketing packs for home sellers? They include an HD property video as standard, as well as a social media campaign. By letting buyers experience your home through HD video, we will generate more enquiries and bring your home’s unique story and character to life.

Find out more about our new marketing packages here.

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