With summertime on the horizon, the warmer weather has started to make an occasional appearance and our gardens are coming back to life. This has us all thinking about how to make the most of our outdoor spaces, big or small. But before you start digging and raking and sowing and planting, take a look at some of the biggest gardening trends in 2017 to inject real WOW factor into your green space.

Bright and bold

Whilst we’re seeing the minimalist, Scandinavian interior trend extending into gardens, there’s a huge movement toward bright, bold opulence this year, too. Moroccan tents, colourful patterned cushions and rugs, lanterns and hanging decorations, bright patio furniture and comfortable sofas, colour-block patio walls and an assortment of bright potted planters – the result is incredible.


It’s all about bringing the inside out, making your garden a luxury, magical living space where you can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a positive lived experience in your outdoor space. Even when the sun is hiding, the health benefits of just being outside, surrounded by nature, are remarkable.

Statement plants and flowers

Statement plants and bold, vibrant flowers are also big trends for 2017. Rather than delicate pink and cream flowers, gardens will be full to the brim with bright hues of brilliant red, fiery orange, radiant fuchsia, electric yellow, and vivid purple.

Enormous expanses of lavender, huge hydrangeas, rows of towering foxgloves, bright geraniums and fuchsias, crawling clematis, rambling roses, and vibrant delphiniums surrounded by gorgeous iris and peonies. A delightful rainbow of colours for a real WOW factor in your garden or patio, and a great way to attract wildlife, like birds and bees and butterflies!

Continuing on from last year, colour-changing conifers are also big trend for 2017. Transforming from green in the summer to orange, bronze and purple in the winter, these colour chameleon plants are a fantastic way to keep your garden looking incredible throughout the year.

Lighting galore


Outdoor lighting is becoming more and more popular. It’s getting better, cheaper and more eco-friendly, with Moroccan lanterns and solar powered lights popping up everywhere. This is a great way to make your outdoor space truly magical and enjoy the warm weather into the late evening.

Choose from solar glass lanterns, retro string lights, illuminated artificial topiary trees and decorations, solar stakes and pathfinders, wire pineapples and flamingos, a chiminea or bronze fire pit… there’s an endless choice for lighting (and warming) up your life and garden this summer.

Decadent seating

In 2017, we’re choosing conformable seating over upright metal and wooden chairs. This summer it’s all about lounging away the afternoons on outdoor sofas, daybeds, hammocks, rattan cocoon chairs, swing seats and big pillows! This is a wonderfully decadent trend we can all get behind. Throw in the lights, bright patios and bold flowers… WOW. You have a luxury boudoir outside for lazing on a sunny summer’s day.

Small-scale luxury

If space is limited or you only have a small patio or window ledge, do not fret. You make a big statement in the tiniest of spaces with tabletop decorations, hanging lights and lanterns, stunning window boxes, and compact planters.

Miniature versions of big plants and shrubs and becoming widely available, such as ferns, hydrangeas, clematis, rose bushes and conifers, allowing you to create the same aesthetic statement on a small scale.

One-pot wonders are also a great way to make a big impression in a tiny space. Fill large pots or window boxes with a bold assortment of bright flowering plants like hydrangeas, lavenders, geraniums, fuchsias and succulents, transforming the smallest of spaces into something really beautiful to enjoy throughout the summer.

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