Sometimes in our busy, cluttered lives it is easy to oversee the potential of that guest bedroom that over time becomes another storage room. While some of us really do need that much extra space for shoes, it is even better to make the most out of your home and make the guest bedroom serve a purpose that will improve the quality of your life.

That extra room, no matter if small or grand, can become a serene guest bedroom, a quiet reading room, a place for your hobby or all of the above.

Here are a few tips on how to transform an unloved room into a multifunctional space with just a few clever ideas.

Choose Your Bed

Since the bed tends to be the largest piece of furniture and sometimes space might occupy the whole bedroom, you need to pay extra attention to it. You can opt for various options of flexible beds, while still having the benefit of flexibility. From building your own custom bed based on exact room measurements to opting for an extendable quality one, modern furniture offers vast options and your budget is the only constraint.

Stylish Storage

A tidy space is a usable space. Find smart, beautiful looking storage solutions – boxes under the bed or on top of high shelves, but leave the eye level tidy and clean. The secret is in using every bit of space available, including ceilings. Just search for creative storage spaces and you will be spoiled for choice.

Nowadays, boxes come in various styles, sizes and budgets, so storage can become décor statement in itself.

Create Functional Focus Areas

Whether you have plenty of space or you are working with the tiniest of rooms, creating function areas will give a designed, thoughtful look.

Add an armchair in a corner with a standing lamp and a few good books on a nearby shelf and you have a reading nook that you or your guests can enjoy.

Add a small desk with a lamp and handy plugs if you intend to use the room as a working space. The space will give your guest opportunity to charge a phone, write an old fashioned note or use the desk chair as a clothes rack for a night.

Bring in Your Personality

The finishing touches will give character to what otherwise might look quite stark. A pretty blanket, soft patterned cushions, a couple of framed pictures will make your guests feel at home and infuse personality. The benefit of using soft furnishings to add character to a room is these items are easily removed and replaced, in case they fall out of fashion or you just want a room refresh. Even better, when the time comes to sell your home, the room will still offer that neutral air that home buyers appreciate.

Dress Those Windows

An important final note in transforming an extra room is window dressing, especially in the long Scottish summer days. A black out blind or curtain will complete the look of the room and add functional charm.

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