The humble “For Sale” board has been around for quite some time and it has more than proven its worth in past years. But in this day of modern online communications some are left wondering if the “For Sale” board is still relevant.

Sometime home sellers are reluctant to put up a For Sale board worrying about their home’s curb appeal, but we can assure you the old fashioned “For Sale” board still carries a lot of importance and can make or break your home sale in more than one way.

Speculative Potential

People walk or drive past your house daily and some of them might be dreaming to one day live on your street. Or maybe one of your neighbours has family who would like to move closer. These people might jump at the opportunity when the right home (YOUR home) comes along. They will probably then search for your home online being mistakenly considered a lead generated by online campaigns, when it was actually the For Sale board that raised the interest initially.

A Smooth Buyer Experience

Imagine you have a very serious potential buyer who does not really know the area and who has trouble identifying your home, arriving late (and frustrated) for the viewing. This is not the frame of mind you want your potential buyer to show up to a viewing as that can estrange someone with good prospects of being actually interested. A visible For Sale sign placed correctly can flag up the right home and prevent unpleasant moments for your buyers.

Harnessing the power of social media

Get down with the kids and create a conversation piece on social media. A photo of your home with a clear For Sale board posted on social media and shared by the neighbours can be pretty self explanatory and spread the word about your home being for sale in the local community, harnessing that all powerful word of mouth potential.

We understand that a highly visible and public sale does not suit all homes and sellers, that is why we can go down the route of a private listing – just chat to your local Clyde Property branch about the option that suits you.

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