Congratulations, you have decided to put your home on the market and make a move on the property ladder. It is an exciting time, one full of opportunities and challenges. Probably one of the biggest worries as a homeowner is your home selling for less than you think it was worth. This is how you can make sure you achieve the best possible price for your home:

First Impressions

Making sure your home is in its best possible shape to be put on the market is the very first step you need to take into account, especially when you want to achieve the best possible price for it. There are a few areas that impress buyers time and time again – curb appeal comes to mind, an attractive kitchen, a neutral decor, all the things that help the buyers see themselves in the house with minimum hassle.

The Right Presentation

Of course, in today’s world, the online listing of your home is a major factor in getting the attention you want. So having an eye catching HD video, professional photography that shows all the right angles, an accurate floorplan and a beautiful brochure, the right description to attract the right market are essential for your home’s presentation package. Even the best of homes can look unattractive with bad quality photos; that will impact the amount of interest it raises and ultimately the final sale price.

The Right Channels

You now have a perfect presentation package: all photography, floorplans and video are looking great – what do we do next? Listing your home on our website is a great first step, but we also make sure your home is listed on major property portals – that’s what everybody does, right? But wait, with Clyde Property there is more! Each HD video presentation gets a bespoke social media campaign, pushing your home to targeted markets and all the speculative buyers that just might fall in love with your home and make a decision to move. On top of that, we leverage our current database of buyers so by the time your home is listed on property sites, we might already have built a healthy interest in it.

The Right Negotiator

We believe having a Clyde Property negotiator on your side will make the most impact on the final price your home achieves. By being hands on invloved with every step of the property sale, carefully weighing in all the offers and making sure you get the best offer for your home we will add value to the transaction and maximise the value of your home.

At Clyde Property we have seen this time and again, as 96% of the homes we have sold last year, sold at a better price than the initial offer received.

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