With more than over 70 percent UK adults logging onto social media platforms daily, online networks have become an imperative part of our lives. From the way we consume news, decide on our next holiday destination or keep in touch with friends and family, there are no ends to what you can do with social media.

At Clyde Property, we have carefully looked at ways to improve our sellers and buyers experiences and bring them well into the 21st century and decided that harnessing social media potential is an absolute must. We believe our new marketing packs are an incredible success with home sellers and buyers alike.

This is why:

Social media is visually driven

As we are exposed daily to more and more information, it becomes harder to make decisions and keep our focus. That is why we end up skimming through our social media feeds without much time to pay attention to posts that are not visually attention-grabbing.

But Clyde Property’s HD videos are a perfect match for social media. A good quality video tour of a home means more than a thousand words or photos. Aspiring homeowners engage with our posts and enjoy the short but descriptive HD videos. For example, in the last month alone we have registered over 480,000 video views and the numbers increase from one month to the next.

Expanded reach

The way home buyers come across their next home is no longer a linear experience. We have had many examples where potential buyers simply fell in love with a home they saw on Facebook and ended up selling their current property and moving on without having planned for that in advance. By using our social media channels to market homes, we reach more people at any time, wherever they are.

Finding buyers the smart way

Social media has offered us a whole new market of speculative buyers to target – at Clyde Property, we are not just passively waiting for potential buyers to get in touch but display HD videos of properties that might be of interest on their Facebook feeds. We were expecting a good result, but the actual feedback has been incredible. The addition of bespoke social media campaigns to our marketing packs has given a visible boost to the number of viewings compared to last year.

We cannot deny the benefits that social media offers for buying and selling homes, but we cannot also overlook the importance of traditional modes of selling. In conclusion, it can be said that these additions augment the property selling experience and make the entire process more efficient.

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