Looking to update your home interiors this year? Of course, personal taste prevails, but there are always new home-style trends that are worth considering, especially if you are updating your home in order to put it on the market this year or are simply interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest colours and styles.  Take inspiration from the following and you’ll be living in a beautiful, bang-on trend home in no time.

Bold and brooding colour

Colour is back and is deeper and more intense, in contrast to the white and greyscale interiors of recent years. The Pantone colour of 2018 has just been announced as being ‘Ultra Violet’ a blue-tinged, vibrant purple shade that is calming and sumptuous all at once, providing an interesting base colour or something to work into a room via accessories and soft furnishings. Navy and emerald green are also appearing here, there and everywhere as the rich, vintage-inspired colour palette reigns supreme, helping to create a luxurious lounge or transform any bedroom into a boudoir.

Dark wood

Again, in a stark move away from the blond, Scandinavian pine trend, dark wood furniture is making a comeback this year and works perfectly with the turn towards bolder colour. Materials such as walnut, dark oak and mahogany are all utilised and retro styles and shapes are worked-in, finished off with metallic handles and legs for an extra glamorous touch. The look is furniture that is quite square and boxy, without being too chunky, and often given detail via parquet panels or by bringing out the natural wood grain.

Natural textures

Interest is given to interiors by the increased use of a variety of textures, more often than not using natural materials. Lots of furniture is made in mixed material, incorporating solid woods with wicker and rattan, giving a hand-made feel. Macramé, knotted textiles are used in abundance, from wall-hangings to cushions and throws, adding tactile texture.

Plant-inspired prints

Tropical and botanical prints are here to stay for 2018, with the palm and Swiss cheese plant leave shapes being the most popular of prints. Leaf shapes appear on everything from wallpaper, to linen cushions, bedspreads and crockery. Connecting to nature is a strong theme for this year, tying into the use of natural materials and the emerald and jade greens seen used in wall colour and statement furniture. Insects, flowers and exotic birds are also cropping up as colourful embellishment.

Shimmering metal accents

A shimmery texture is included with the subtle use of metallic accents in furniture, light fixtures and ornamental pieces. 2017 was all about rose gold and copper whereas brass is best for this year, a sophisticated and organic metal easy to work into a room. Brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish, with soft pinks, violets and emerald greens accentuating brass and gold tones and leafy prints perfectly.

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