According to The Independent, we spend 45% more on designing, installing and equipping our kitchens than we did in 2005, which arguably reflects how the kitchen is returning to be the focal point of our homes.

As we end up spending more time in our kitchens, we’ve probably all found ourselves asking how we can make this really important space more effective.

It goes without saying that a kitchen upgrade is as simple (or as complex) as you choose to make it. This upgrade can range from getting some appliances, or just applying a fresh coat of paint, to engaging in a full refit and redesign. Here are a few signs that you might want to consider upgrading your current kitchen.

If you’re struggling to make the best use of your space

Times change and, naturally, space requirements change with them. What was enough space to folks thirty years ago will be very different to what’s consider enough space for the typical family nowadays.

If your kitchen is crammed full of appliances, food and shelves and feels uncomfortable to use, that’s a sure-fire sign you need to think about upgrading. Likewise, if your kitchen feels empty and uninviting and you hardly feel any temptation to spend time in it, that’s also a sign that you could benefit from changing your kitchen.

If you’ve ever lived in a tenement property for instance, you’ll know the importance of using space effectively. The kitchens in those beautiful, 19th century sandstone buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh can often be in need of an upgrade to better utilise the space that’s available to them. Often more compact than older properties, new builds can also benefit from a kitchen redesign, giving you more space to make use of.

If your kitchen appliances and hardware are in need of a refresh

A kitchen upgrade can be something as simple as treating yourself to new appliances, like a fridge, oven or washing machine or new cupboards and worktops.

A fresh coat of paint, or new tiles can work wonders in making a kitchen feel more inviting. If you’re after a more ambitious hardware upgrade, why not consider refreshing your worktops or experimenting with cupboard positions?

There are lots of traditional Scottish features that you can incorporate into your kitchen in an upgrade. For instance, the ample height of kitchens in most Scottish tenements make them perfect for vintage, pulley-operated clothes driers that are mounted to the ceiling. These are both practical and beautiful, allowing you to dry clothes in one of the warmest rooms in the home, whilst also giving it an on-trend, vintage look.

If you’re thinking of selling and want to add value

As well as there being practical and aesthetic reasons for upgrading your kitchen, there are also financial reasons too.

In a recent article, popular financial website cites research from consumer magazine Which? that suggests that upgrading your kitchen can add up to 6% to the value of your property in some circumstances.

If you’re thinking of selling your property, upgrading your kitchen could help to improve your chances of getting a higher price for it on the market.

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