Shutters, one of the oldest types of window dressing, are making a comeback, spurred on by minimalist, Nordic design that’s in vogue at the moment. At the same time, curtains have also reappeared on the scene, after years in the window-dressing wilderness.

Both items present an attractive way to dress your windows, but which one is best? We’ve decided to compare the pros and cons of shutters and curtains so you’ve got a better idea of which to choose for your home.


Shutters are unique in that they can add a great modern feel to your home whilst also complementing the style of older properties. Particularly versatile, they come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials and, just like curtains can be made to measure to dress your windows perfectly.

A key benefit of shutters is the fact that you can adjust them so you have privacy but not at the expense of natural light. On the contrary, beautiful wooden shutters can allow light with accents from the wood colour itself, turning bright wight light into atmospheric golden hues.

Shutters will need maintenance every so often to be kept shiny, working well and to lengthen their lifespan. Appropriate care and the right cleaning products shutters are a timeless investment that will last for years.


Curtains are available in an endless choice of colours, patterns and textures, which makes them not only functional but highly pleasing to the eye too.

Few other items around the home are as versatile as curtains in terms of adaptability to your style. Easy to dye and print on to, curtains come in an almost infinite number of patterns, colours and styles— if you can think it, chances are you can have it put on to a curtain!

Draped softly over the edges of your window frames, curtains can set the tone of an entire room. They’re also very practical, improving privacy, keeping cold draughts out of your home and reducing the effects of noise pollution.

To make a statement, choose heavy woollen or velvet curtains, floral patterns or heavy silks and valances for a cosy, classic space, that is full of character. Swap for breezier versions during summer time if you fancy and the entire space will immediately change in tone.

If you like a more modern, minimalist style, go for simpler window dressing in good quality materials and coordinate with other soft furnishings to create a pleasing colour palette.

It is important to make curtains that fit your space perfectly in terms of width and height, as a perfectly adjusted curtain will make the room look that more polished. A tip from experienced designers says to be generous and make the curtains fit the wall height rather than the window height, in order to draw the eye up and create the illusion of a bigger, higher room.

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