Although it might not seem it at first glance when you look outside at the melting snow(!), the first day of spring (also known as the Spring Equinox) is very close, coming on Tuesday 20th March. If you want to celebrate the end of winter and welcome in the new season, refreshing your home with spring-themed touches can be surprisingly simple, with really elegant results.

Here are our easy tips to help you get your home into the spring mood:

Think florals

One of the first signs of the approach of spring is the emerging green stalks of daffodils, crocuses and irises, as they rise from the winter ground and enjoy the lengthening days. As a result, seeing plants grow is often something we intrinsically associate with spring. Naturally then, you should explore floral patterns when it comes to adding a feeling of spring to your home!

Choose a pattern with flowers that are specifically associated with spring (like daffodils, primroses and orchids) to help to convey the beautiful variety of colours around at this time of year. An easy way to introduce it seamlessly is to change cushion covers, add a tablecloth or switch to breezier curtains to let the longer days bathe your home in light.

Fresh flowers and young plants are one of the quintessential symbols of spring so it makes sense then to try and incorporate some living plants of your own into your home if you’re looking to create a seasonal vibe!

Houseplants can make your home feel much more organic and natural. They come in all shapes and sizes, from towering banana palms and spiky lemon trees to fragrant lilies and quirky succulents, and this means that no matter what your skill level when it comes to looking after them, you’ll be able to find a variety that matches your needs.

Use fragrance to inspire spring memories

Nothing rivals the sense of smell when it comes to triggering memories. Add a spring fragrance to your home with a fresh smelling candle or diffuser, or try to create your own signature scent for spring: essential oils like lemon, lavander, bergamot, peppermint or ylangylang can create a beautiful homemade aroma to refresh your home.

Spring clean!

Ok, it’s not exactly the most exhilarating of tasks, but spring cleaning and decluttering is a great way to mark the start of the season. By cleaning every room in your house, and paying particular attention to areas or things you don’t often clean during your usual routine (like curtains and upholstery for instance), you can get your home quickly ready for the months ahead and looking fabulous!

If you’re looking for some help, you can check out our blog post on decluttering for some hints about making you home feel simpler and cleaner.

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