The early half of the year is a time that many of us find our fingers itching to do some home renovation. From those small issues you’ve been meaning to tackle for ages, to those big, ambitious projects, renovating your home can completely transform how it looks and feels, making it more comfortable as well as adding value.

Here are our top 5 current home renovation trends that are set to be big in 2018:

Skim coating walls

Walls in our homes take a lot of beating and brushing— it’s not surprising that they often begin to show this after a while. One of the best-suited home renovation trends to Scottish homes— where it can often be quite awkward to carry out extensive interior renovation (think lugging lots of plasterboard up to top floor flats in tenement buildings)—at the moment is called ‘skim coating’. It’s a way of rejuvenating walls without having to completely re-plaster them. Plasterers can apply a very thin coat to walls, combating scratches and dings and making it look good as new!

Slate roofs

This beautiful, but incredibly practical, major home improvement is one for the ambitious. It might not be one of the most obvious things you think about when improving your home, but your roof can have a big impact on how your property looks to the outside world: especially if you live in an older, cottage-style property in the Scottish countryside. Adding authenticity to a home’s look, it’s not surprising that slate roofs are a trending feature you see in a lot of new Scottish architecture.

Slate roofs have been an essential part of Scottish architecture for centuries, reflecting a more sustainable time when you sourced your building materials from your local environment. If you want to improve how natural your home blends in with its surroundings, and reduce your carbon footprint in the process, a slate roof is a must.

When it comes to possible types to invest in, Scottish slate such as West Highland in particular is noted for its great quality and exceptional looks!

Patterned bathroom tiles

One of the most memorable features of those majestic tenement blocks that characterise the urban architecture of Glasgow and Edinburgh are the beautiful glazed tiles that you can spot in their interior closes. Often used on the walls, and, in some cases, on the floor, these tiles are often patterned and arranged in complex sequences, providing an impressively elegant look.

One of the trendiest home improvements at the moment is patterned bathroom tiles, so it’s particularly easy to add a vintage Scottish look to your bathroom by taking some inspiration from the tiles in your close! With tiles coming in an impressive variety of patterns and colours, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect look for your home.

Adding a kitchen island

Perfect for open plan style homes, transforming a separating wall into a kitchen island provides a great way of opening up space, while adding functionality and definition. In effect, islands are a useful way of adding usable space to a room like a kitchen, whilst simultaneously making it seem bigger.

One word of caution though. Knocking down walls is only recommended with the proper advice and the right permissions. Make sure you seek the advice of a qualified structural expert before you get any work started just to stay safe.

Ceiling mounted drying racks

Staying in the kitchen, ceiling mounted drying racks have been making a come back recently. Their great blend of practicality and vintage charm makes them an excellent asset for your kitchen or hallway— providing an attractive way of drying your washing. With a simple pulley mechanism, there’s not much that can go wrong with them too, making them an excellent, low-maintenance feature.

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