Well placed houseplants in the home not only brighten up your space, they purify the air and can create a more relaxed, restful environment. In fact, there have been several studies showing that the presence of potted plants in many settings including the home, workplace and even hospitals can have a beneficial effect on your physical and mental health. Plants have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase attentiveness, improve wellbeing, lower anxiety and improve perceptions of space.

When it comes to interior design, over the last few years we have seen a rise in the popularity of interior schemes based around indoor greenery, but with so many to choose from, which plants should you select to brighten your home?

We have rounded up some of the best plants to keep in the different rooms of your home. Here are our suggestions to help give your home a little dose of Zen.



Broadleaf Lady Palm: This hardy plant has been shown to make an active difference in removing toxins from the air. It’s perfect for the bathroom as it thrives in low light and requires watering once or twice a week all year round.

Chinese Evergreen: This decorative house plant has strong air purifying properties so is perfect if you live in a town or city. It thrives in low light and requires water every few days, but just once a week in the winter.

English Ivy: We are all familiar with Ivy on the exterior of homes, but they also make great houseplants. It’s fast growing and easy to care for, and looks very pretty with its vines hanging down from a shelf. It needs four hours of direct sunlight, as without it, it can become spindly and prone to pests and can lose it’s bright colour. Water every couple of days, less in winter. Note: Ivy can be toxic to cats and dogs.



Snake Plant: This is one of the most tolerant plants you could have in your home, as it can withstand a fair amount of neglect whilst still looking fresh. It can survive low light levels, drought and has few insect problems. NASA research has shown that snake plants help to help keep the air inside your home clean. It requires minimal direct sunlight and only requires water once or twice a month.

Peace Lily: The flowers of the Peace Lily resemble the Calla Lily, and the names comes from the shape of the flower which has a white, hood-like sheath resembling a white flag of surrender. This is a low maintenance houseplant, and can grow up to four feet tall. This is another plant that NASA has noted for its air cleaning properties. It prefers indirect sunlight and requires daily watering during summer and weekly in winter.

Moth Orchid: This is the most common Orchid grown in the UK and comes in an array of colours. It requires bright but indirect sunlight and water twice a week during summer and once a week in winter.

Living room blooms


Red Edged Dracena: This is one of the most durable indoor foliage plants and has the appearance of a palm. It thrives in moderate sunlight and requires water just once a week, and less in winter.

Spider Plant: One of the most adaptable houseplants available, this is easy to grow and will sustain a fair amount of neglect. It requires well drained soil and bright, indirect sunlight. Water every two to three days, less in winter.

Weeping Fig: This is a lovely looking houseplant and requires bright but indirect sunlight. Water every few days and just keep it moist in the winter months.

Kitchen essentials


Aloe Vera: As well as having medicinal properties, the Aloe Vera plant can add some tropical flair to your home. It thrives in snug conditions so won’t need to be repotted very often. Keep it in a bright sunny place and water heavily once every couple of weeks, less in winter.

Madagascar Jasmine: This is a strongly scented plant with beautiful white flowers. It will bloom in spring and has an evergreen shrub year-round. Some careful pruning may be required and it can be grown on a hoop wire or cane. It prefers indirect sunlight, and requires water every two days, keeping barely moist in the winter

African Violet: These are beautiful long-life house plants that thrive in a variety of conditions. It loves bright, indirect sunlight and requires water every couple of days. Make sure it doesn’t get waterlogged.

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