The significance of interior space is often underestimated. Our homes are more than just bricks, mortar, and shelter from the elements. The spaces we each choose to call ‘home’ have a huge impact on every element of our lives, from the practical to the emotional. That’s why it’s important to give careful consideration to the way that your home is designed.

By refreshing your interior space with purpose, you will not only create a functional and aesthetically appealing home in which every room performs its intended role—you will bring greater harmony and organisation into your everyday life. And if you’re planning to sell your home, prospective buyers will be very impressed with the savvy design of your interior space!

Arrangement of furniture

When it comes to interiors, both form and function are equally important. Getting the balance right, however, is where many of us struggle. We want our homes to look nice, of course, but they must also perform in a way that works for our needs. For example, there’s little point in having a visually stunning living room that doesn’t serve its purpose because the arrangement of furniture is impractical. This will simple cause irritation and stress.

To get the most out of each room, think carefully about how you use the space. Keep walkways clear to allow you to navigate each room with uninterrupted flow. Ensure chairs and tables are not blocking easy access to doors or sight lines to your garden or outdoor space. Arrange your sofa and armchairs in a way that makes it comfortable to interact with others or view the TV. Make sure there are clear surfaces within easy reach of seating areas and beds to enable you to rest a cup or glass. It’s these little things that can make a big difference.

Lighting options

Good lighting is key. Take advantage of natural light wherever possible, letting it flow into interior spaces to maximise functionality and warmth. Also think carefully about window coverings to ensure that you are able to increase and decrease natural light at various times of the day to suit your needs.

When it comes to artificial light, it’s good to give yourself functional options. Overhead lights are great when you need full light to perform certain tasks, but this type of lighting can be too harsh when it’s time to relax. Dimmer switches are therefore ideal.

Occasional lamps are also essential in every home. In addition to being a practical solution for brightening hallways and darker spaces, their soft glow can add an extra layer of comfort to your interior spaces. Ideal places for occasional lamps are nightstands, side tables, dressers and shelving. And remember—you can also use standard lamps, string lights, and stylish floor globes to create visual interest in other parts of the home.

Cosy accessories

Think plump pillows and cushions, plush throws and blankets, thick pile rugs, hotel-quality towels, and seat pads for kitchen or dining room chairs. Not only are these decorative items a great way to refresh your interior space and add pops of colour or pattern, they will also add so much comfort, helping you to create the ultimate sanctuary that brings harmony and happiness to your home life. Just be careful not to go too overboard or you may end up creating unnecessary clutter!

Tech-free bedrooms

It’s very tempting to have a TV in the bedroom, but the sole purpose of this space is rest and sleep. That also means that we should try to avoid using all forms of tech in the bedroom, including laptops, tablets, and phones. These devices simple cause distraction and often elevate blood pressure. The bright blue screens are harmful to health and can prevent our brains from producing melatonin—a hormone that is essential to restful sleep.

Declutter and organise

Clutter and disorganisation are perhaps two of the most impactful aspects of our home lives. No matter how tidy and clean we keep our homes, there’s almost always room for a spot of decluttering and improved organisation because it’s a never-ending process!

Tackle the smaller tasks first, like the kitchen cupboards and bathroom storage. Check expiration dates and get rid of items and products that you’re simply never going to use. We often buy things with the intention of using them, or keeping them because they may come in handy. If you’ve never used said item or it has yet to show its handiness, chuck it (or donate, if applicable).

When you’ve purged your belongings, think of ways that you can improve your storage areas to make them more useful. Perhaps certain cupboards and closets could be more functional with additional shelves, hooks, stackable drawers, space dividers, and storage boxes. By designing and organising your storage areas with intention, you will be rewarded with a glorious system that refreshes your interior space and brings calm, order and happiness into your life.

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