Rightsizing is about doing what’s best for your lifestyle, so you can be happy in your home for years to come. After all, as our lives change, so do our needs in a home. You may have once required a large home for a growing family, but once the children leave home it could feel empty and quiet and it may be time to reassess what you need from your home.

As well as empty space, you may find that you have also been left with the costs of a larger home to maintain.

The most common way to deal with this life change is to downsize. However, downsizing shouldn’t be seen as a negative life change. Instead, think of it as rightsizing.

What is rightsizing?

Rightsizing means that you don’t need to make sacrifices when moving to a more manageable home. In fact, a smaller home could be more comfortable and luxurious, and perhaps in a more desirable area. You may be able to use the profit from your larger home to create the perfect living space that will see you through your retirement years.

By resizing to a smaller property, you will not only save money, but also time previously spent on household duties like mowing the lawn, maintaining the garden and keeping your property tidy and in good shape. By committing to small-home living, you could open up a whole new world of free time to take on new hobbies. If you have chosen a more convenient location closer to amenities like restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment and other retail outlets you could find that your life is transformed.

What to consider

If you’re thinking of rightsizing your home, ask yourself what it is you need from your home both short-term and long-term. Consider the following:

  • Does your current property allow for a change in your health or mobility?
  • Does your home require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and are there any outstanding costly repairs that need to be undertaken?
  • Do you like the area in which you live, and could you live there if you didn’t have a car? Are there good public transport links?
  • Would you be happier living closer to friends or family?
  • Are you within easy reach of healthcare i.e. doctors, hospital, dentist?
  • Does your existing property enable you to undertake hobbies such as gardening and being with friends and family?
  • Can you afford to live in your current property?
  • Do you have unused rooms and excess space in the home?

Regardless of the state of your health now, it’s a good idea to look ahead to the future and consider the advantages of moving to a more manageable property as you grow older. It’s better to make an informed decision now, rather than be in a position where you have to make a decision during a crisis.

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