It’s not often that we offer advice on what to do during a heatwave here in Scotland, but given that Glasgow was hotter than LA last week we thought we would take this opportunity to help you to help the wildlife in your garden!

While we are lucky enough to experience blue skies, bright sunshine and soaring temperatures, it’s not all good news for your garden and the wildlife that lives in or around it.

According to the Wyevale Garden Centres 2018 Garden Trends Report, which surveyed over 15,000 British garden lovers, over 80% of us want to see more wildlife in our gardens and nearly 40% believe that wildlife is one of the most appealing garden features. That’s why it’s important to keep our wildlife happy.

One of the key things to remember is that the wildlife in your garden will need plenty of water. Here are some tips for keeping your wildlife happy this summer:

Keep bird baths topped up


It’s important to have a bird bath in the garden, especially when we have these hot periods. They are useful year-round, but especially important in the summer months. Make sure it’s topped up with fresh, clean water.



Believe it or not, bees also need somewhere to quench their thirst! Help them by putting shallow dishes of water in your garden willed with pebbles as this will enable them to land and drink the water in between scouring your garden for pollen.



Although many people see Ivy as a weed that can easly get out of control and damage brickwork, it’s often really useful for the wildlife in your garden. It can provide shelter and food for birds and hibernating insects.



A pond is a great way to ensure that the wildlife in your garden is happy and healthy. Keep it topped up with clean water, preferably from a water but to make sure there’s enough oxygen in the water. Remove any weeds from the pond but leave these somewhere that creatures attached to them can return to the pond.

Let’s hope this heatwave continues, and if it does, think of the wildlife that will find your garden a sanctuary!