Modern society has deeply changed the way we live in a few short decades. Think back 30 years ago – or even less. Were you playing with other children from the neighbourhood in the middle of the street, largely unsupervised? Were your parents stopping all the time on their way to the shop to say hello and engage in conversation with acquaintances from the neighbourhood? Then you will probably understand the shift in our society.
Loneliness and isolation are big 21 st century culprits damaging our health, so living in a friendly community can nourish your soul, make you more engaged and improve overall health. As we are all becoming aware about the benefits of living in tight knit communities, we can always do more to become that ideal neighbour we all wish for ourselves. Here is a guide to becoming an ideal neighbour in a few easy steps.

Say hello.
We all get wrapped up in our own busy lives, but building a relationship of trust with your neighbours can pay off – from having someone to keep an eye on your home when on holiday to making new friends for life, to generally living in a more upbeat community. So make a point of saying hello and starting a conversation. Ideally, bake a batch of cake – nothing opens a conversation like a sweet gift. Building a safe, stable community is up to each one of us and the results are better quality of living for grown ups and children alike.

Offer to help.
One of the benefits of living in a small community was that you knew and trusted your neighbours. Try to anticipate your neighbours’ needs – whether it is a couple of hours of childcare or trimming the hedge, a trip to the shop for essentials or just a friendly ear and a cup of tea and offer them generously. Not only offering to help will bring you closer and help build rapport so that next time you might be struggling you will receive a helping hand as well, but doing good deeds tremendously helps us become happier – so it’s a win win anyway.

Maintain your property.
By maintaining your own garden and home you become a better neighbour, enhancing the curb appeal of your neighbours’ home, the overall look of the street. This can have a knock on effect on house prices and generally improve the type of conversation you might have with your neighbours.

Stay positive.
Sometimes disputes arise between neighbours – but since you will have to continue living in the same neighbourhood – try to communicate assertively and calmly. Stay away from gossip and rumours and keep a positive line in conversations. We all know the old saying, if you have nothing good to say, better say nothing at all. Staying positive will help with your own peace of mind and will prevent from further escalating any outstanding issues.

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