If you have found a home that needs a bit of love and fell in love with it, you might be wondering “Will I be able to tackle a building project?”

While we never dismiss instinct, as most of us make impulse decisions when it comes to buying a home and never look back, there are a few key aspects to renovating a property that your should consider:

Be realistic

Generally, home improvement projects tend to run over budget and over time. Professionals
recommend that you live within the space you intend to renovate so you can make a
priority list of items to tackle and gain a better sense of what works for your in the space.
Most importantly though, keep an eye on the budget and project timeline.

Choose the right professionals

Make sure you ask at least three quotes from recommended contractors and make sure you
read quotes carefully to understand what is included and choosing on price alone is not
always a good approach. Someone with experience in projects similar to yours might also
carry weight in your final decision. Also someone who is flexible and able to use the home
and use the space to its maximum potential being able to advise and relate with you as the
project unfolds.

Follow building regulations

An essential aspect in the safety and the selling potential of your home further down the
line is making sure all your paperwork is accurate and according to rules and regulations. So
whether you ask the help of professionals or tackle the task yourself, make sure your
project is 100% approved and according to building regulations for your safety.

Know your numbers

It is equally important to understand the potential return on investment you will get for
your renovation. Even if you plan to live in the house for the foreseeable future, building
with the idea that this is an investment that will increase the value of your home is key to a
successful renovation. So talk to an experienced estate agent to figure out how much your
plans could potentially bring to the home before making a final decision on how to invest
your budget.

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