Modern life offers more flexibility and for some lucky ones the opportunity to work from home. Setting up a quiet corner for working from home helps separate your work life from your home life, supports your focus and helps you have a balanced life.

Here are the most important aspects when it comes to organizing a home office.

Chose a spot

There are many aspects you might want to consider when choosing the right spot for your home office depending on your personal preferences. Are you easily distracted? Then maybe a quiet loft or a garage conversion that physically remove you from the temptation to wash dishes (or turn the TV on) instead of working at your desk might be best. Of course, space restrictions also apply so a home office can also be fitted under the stairs or in your bedroom as long as at the space makes you feel comfortable and the space remains functional.

Pick practical furniture

One of the dangers of office working is of course the sedentary lifestyle. So it might make sense paying attention to your office chair. Opt for a comfortable, functional one since you will be spending hours in the seat. Small details like the height of your desk, the quality of your seat and storing space to organize any paperwork can all help improve your focus and overall wellness.

Infuse character

The best thing about working from home? You can personalize your space to your heart’s content with no restriction whatsoever. Hang your favourite pictures add your favourite plants, go crazy on cushions and colours – there is no office policy other than the one you make.

Lights and tech

A tidy well lit space will help you stay productive and focused. So pay attention to unsightly cables when setting up your tech. There are many solutions from DIY to bespoke to help you hide messy cables – you will love your desk even more. Also pay attention to lighting: do you have any natural light? Do you have a good desk lamp to compensate and light up your desk in the darker winter months?

Setting up a home office doesn’t have to be daunting or a big budget commitment – it can be as easy as organizing existing furniture to create a space that inspires you to work.

Have you created an inspirational home office? Make sure you share pictures with us so others can feel inspired!

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