Whether it’s a new job, a growing family or the need to downsize, there are many reasons that people in Scotland are moving home this summer.

As a property seller, it’s interesting to know what the common reasons for moving are so that you can tailor your sales strategy.

New job, new home!

In our experience here at Clyde Property, one of the most common reasons for moving is due to a change in career. Over the summer months many people look to make a positive change in their lives and use this time to go on holiday, assess their career and look for a for a new job that could result in a need to relocate. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the employment rates is at its highest since 1971, so it’s no surprise that this is impacting the property market.

Room to grow

Another key driver affecting the property market are growing families looking for more space. The trigger is often a new baby in an already established family or a couple looking to start a family and anticipating the need for an additional bedroom. In addition, those starting a family will often want to be closer to extended family for help with childcare.

An education

As children reach school age, the local school catchment is a consideration. Local schools can have a huge impact on the asking and sale price of a property. In East Renfrewshire, for example, homes sell for a premium due to the high demand for school places especially since the council recently announced that they would no longer accept placement requests.

Increasing disposable income

Instead of upsizing or trading up, many movers are looking to reduce their household costs and free up disposable income, and one of the ways to do this is to move to a cheaper property. Many older sellers are also moving area or downsizing in order to release equity from their property, especially if they are coming to the end of an interest-free mortgage term.

Time for change

With a high divorce rate in Scotland, another key factor in why people move is separation and dividing assets as part of a divorce.

Whatever your reason for selling up and moving on, there are several factors working in your favour when selling a property during the summer months. Everything looks better in the sunshine, and homes are no exception. With lush lawns, flowers in bloom, sunlight streaming through windows longer daylight hours to facilitate viewings it’s much easier to see homes in a positive light and show off your home’s best attributes.

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