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As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. If you’re planing to sell your home, this is great advice! Most people decide whether or not they like the look of a property within as little as 10 seconds or less, so it’s important to create a wow factor that will appeal to potential buyers as soon as they see your property from the outside. That means having a lovely front door area—and sprucing up the garden or patio area if you have them. This will put viewers in a positive frame of mind, which means they are more likely to envisage themselves living there. (more…)

A recent report by Halifax bank has revealed the top ten most affordable areas in the UK for first-time buyers – and it spells good news for those looking to set down roots north of the border. (more…)

At Clyde Property we love homes and delight in discovering so many amazingly unique properties in our day to day work. We have come to respect and appreciate the privilege of being allowed in the personal space of so many home owners over the years and like to think whatever the space you are in, you love it and treat it as your personal sanctuary. Even if your dream home is still to come along, even if you might not be in your forever home quite yet, we hope you are making the most of the space you are in. (more…)

We have recently launched new marketing packs for homeowners looking to sell their property, with a fantastic response from the market already. Before launching the new Clyde Property marketing packs, we have gone through research and testing to confidently choose the most relevant and efficient ways to market homes- and it shows. We believe the way forward is providing an HD video tour of each and every home we sell as well as a customized social media campaign. We have explained why we chose video tours here. (more…)

We have gathered a few ideas for turning your home into a little earner. We’re not talking about long-term capital gains that involve renovations, extensions, redecorating, and then ultimately selling your home. We’re referring to immediate gains whilst living in your home. (more…)

It’s that time of year again when the school summer holidays are on the horizon. Some children will be leaving school to go onto further education or join the workforce, others will be preparing to move from nursery to primary or making the transition from primary to “the big school”, whilst some may be facing the prospect of joining an entirely new school due to moving home. No matter the situation, each scenario presents its own set of unique challenges for your child and the family as a whole, so it’s wise to start preparing as early as you can to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. (more…)

Sometimes in our busy, cluttered lives it is easy to oversee the potential of that guest bedroom that over time becomes another storage room. While some of us really do need that much extra space for shoes, it is even better to make the most out of your home and make the guest bedroom serve a purpose that will improve the quality of your life. (more…)

Forget the debilitating heat and perpetual sunshine of exotic, faraway shores—why not spend a relaxing summer holiday in beautiful Scotland this year?  We have rounded up the most iconic Scottish trips that the whole family (including the dog) can enjoy. Here are our top four suggestions: (more…)

A place in the sun is a dream for many. How wonderful to have a home abroad to use whenever you like and rent it out to other vacationers to help cover the cost of your mortgage! If this seems like an unachievable goal, an affordable and practical solution that is becoming increasingly popular is to buy a holiday home in Spain with friends or family. Sharing the responsibility and costs with trusted, like-minded people can be much easier than going it alone and it also provides a wider range of homes within your budget that you may not otherwise be able to afford. (more…)

In our 30 years of being active on the property market, we have not seen two homes alike. And although technology has changed the way we market homes, that doesn’t change their nature of homes as unique, high value investments that need to be treated as such. (more…)


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