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Now that a couple of months have passed since the government’s new 3% tax levy was imposed on buy-to-let properties, a report has revealed worrying figures about potential rent increases in the near future. (more…)

With the EU Referendum now less than a month away, the ‘Brexit’ uncertainty doesn’t seem to have caused any waves within the local housing market, as we have seen unprecedented growth – which is a theme us Scots are now pretty used to. (more…)

When it comes to choosing an Estate Agent in today’s competitive market, some might argue that specialised agents are the safest bet. And whilst specialised agents, such as letting only may seem like the way to go – we here at Clyde Property believe that an Estate Agent that specialises in both sales and letting – such as ourselves – are far better positioned to help you with anything from renting a property to selling one. Below we’ve listed our top highlights why we believe that an Estate Agent who deals with both sales and letting can deliver more value to you than those who specialise in just one. (more…)

future of home buying

As technology continues to evolve and weave further into our everyday lives, a new report has suggested that by 2025, the home buying experience will be made unrecognisable by the use of high tech such as virtual reality and drone footage to view properties and ‘big data’ marketing to target potential buyers. (more…)

According to a recent Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) survey, house prices in Scotland are expected to rise over the next few months and 36% of surveyors questioned predicted that there would be an increase in Scottish property sales over the next quarter. In addition, more surveyors said that they expected prices to rise over the next three months. (more…)

At Clyde Property, we understand that when it comes to selling your home, you want to achieve the best possible price with the minimum of fuss.

With an increase in the number of online estate agents and their perceived low fixed fees, they may look like a viable choice. However, sellers should be aware that whilst it may seem a better deal on the face of it, there are several pitfalls with online estate agents that can result in a poorer, less personal and effective service. This ultimately may affect the sale price you achieve on your home, negating any saving that could have been in the first place.


buying your home

For many of us, it’s one of our main aspirations – to own our own home. And so, naturally, we do all we can to prepare, plan and organise ourselves so that when we buy a house it has been a good, financially wise move. Yet worrying insights into the decision of buying a home from charity Shelter reveal that despite good intentions, with housing stock in limited supply, we’re making increasingly rash decisions. (more…)

If you are trying to chose between buying or renting a home, according to an article on STV‘s website, Glasgow is the UK’s top city where buying beats renting. Buying a home is more cost-effective than renting in nearly half of all UK cities, with Glasgow, Coventry and Birmingham coming up top and Cambridge, London and Brighton being the most cost-effective for renting. (more…)

Moving or Improving?!

April 19, 2016

It’s safe to say that at some point or another, most homeowners have debated whether to move house or stay put and modernise.

Whilst the housing market crash in 2008 may seem like a distant memory, it still leaves many doubting the strength of the property market, and so the debate on moving or improving rumbles on. (more…)

It’s an age old question, and one that crosses many of our lips when it comes to buying a home. Should you buy with your head or with your heart? With some advising to think of it as purely an investment, and others arguing that our emotions should be considered, Clyde Property weighs in on the age old debate. (more…)


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