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That time of year is upon us once again! It may seem like only yesterday when the little ones were celebrating the end of last term, but next week marks the beginning of a new school year.

Indeed, the six week holiday has flown by, and it may have snuck up on you.  First day back to school might be overwhelming and emotional for children, parents – and teachers alike – and that is why we have prepared this quick guide to get your head in the game and make their return as seamless as possible: (more…)

We all like to imagine what our dream home looks like; how it will be decorated where it will be located, how much space it will have, and what the architectural style will be.


More than a month on since the EU Referendum vote, the financial markets are still reeling from the majority vote to leave the European Union. And with newly sworn in Prime Minister Theresa May at the helm, promising “Brexit means Brexit”, home owners across the country have been left wondering what effect this could and will have on the housing market. We have tried to make light on the issue of the post BREXIT property market in Scotland recently here. (more…)

Edinburgh is an iconic city with tourists coming to visit from all corners of the world every year. It also currently offers one of the best money for value propositions across UK – with new research pointing that the average house price in Edinburgh is now less than half, or 42.7 per cent, of that in London according to The Telegraph.

But more than the view to beautiful buildings and world known sites, home owners in Edinburgh have front row seats to Fringe every year. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. (more…)

There comes a time when many parents succumb to the persistent pleading of ‘Mummy, Daddy, can we pleeeease get a dog/cat/rabbit/hamster, etc, etc!’ A pet can be a wonderful addition to any family, but deciding which pet is right for your family, your home and your lifestyle requires a lot of forethought and research. Impulse buying an animal could be a huge mistake and it’s important to remember that the pets that children most want won’t necessarily be the right match for your family. Here are a few pet pros and cons to keep in mind when choosing a new family pet. (more…)

As a landlord, we completely understand the importance of entrusting your property to the right agent.

That is why Clyde are completely committed to sourcing you the best tenant at the best possible rental price, maximising your return and ensuring your property holds or increases in value while under our management care. Quite simply, our “hands-on”, personal approach, 7-days-a-week, coupled with unique-service innovation, enable us to deliver the most comprehensive letting service available, of any agent today. (more…)

As people are coming to terms with the result of the Referendum and adjusting to a new reality of not being part of the EU, we are closely taking the pulse of the Scottish property market and we have some insights on current market trends to share with home owners and buyers who might be wondering what to do next. (more…)

green features that sell your house

In 2016, climate change remains a hot topic of debate, with lots people looking for ways to be more energy efficient in their day to day lives. Yet, whether or not it is becoming an influencer in terms of house values is still widely debated. So the question is: does it pay off to go green? (more…)

When it comes to buying a home, for most of us, it’s the biggest financial decision we’ll undertake in our lifetime. And so it’s more important than ever to make sure you ask the right questions to avoid buying into a problem property that could potentially drain your bank accounts with endless repair bills. We were discussing recently that some home buyers can decide to put an offer on a home in 10 seconds and although your instinct is very valuable, a little research goes a long way in preventing rash decisions. (more…)

All home owners have probably wondered at some point whether they should invest in extending their home or move to a bigger home. And while debating to move or improve – there is always the big question of which improvement would bring the biggest return should you decide to sell your home later on? We prepared a guide with insights into what to prioritise. (more…)


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