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We often have clients ask us how long it will take them to move into a new home. In a perfect world, an offer would be accepted and you would be unpacking boxes six weeks later. However, this isn’t a perfect world and there are many factors that can affect the timeline of your property sale or purchase.


It’s not often that we offer advice on what to do during a heatwave here in Scotland, but given that Glasgow was hotter than LA last week we thought we would take this opportunity to help you to help the wildlife in your garden!


tenancy agreement

Many of our tenants worry that they may not get their tenancy deposit back once their tenancy agreement, and this is a particular worry given that people rely on this for a deposit for their next move.



Rightsizing is about doing what’s best for your lifestyle, so you can be happy in your home for years to come. After all, as our lives change, so do our needs in a home. You may have once required a large home for a growing family, but once the children leave home it could feel empty and quiet and it may be time to reassess what you need from your home.


summer party

With the weather looking set to get even hotter this week, this calls for throwing a great summer party to make the most of it. After all, this is Glasgow and the rain is never far away! Here are our tips for throwing an unforgettable garden party.


Moving Home with Pets

June 20, 2018

We all know moving home is a major life change for everyone and that is a valid statement for humans as well as their pet companions. With almost half of households in UK owning a pet (most popular being dogs and cats – 44% of pet owners) this post looks at ways to ensure they make the transition into your new home as smoothly as possible. (more…)


Spring and summer is a popular time to sell a property. Lots of buyers are looking to move, and by staging your home you can reduce the sale-time, maximise the value, increase buyer interest and attract high-quality prospective purchasers. It also helps to create an emotional connection that gives buyers the confidence to make an offer.


colour palette

The colour scheme you decide to use in your home can drastically affect the look, feel and style of your home. It can also affect those all-important first impressions on potential buyers, not to mention the mood and character of your environment whilst you are still living there.



Well placed houseplants in the home not only brighten up your space, they purify the air and can create a more relaxed, restful environment. In fact, there have been several studies showing that the presence of potted plants in many settings including the home, workplace and even hospitals can have a beneficial effect on your physical and mental health. Plants have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase attentiveness, improve wellbeing, lower anxiety and improve perceptions of space.


mid-century design

Few aesthetic styles capture the hearts and discerning eyes of the majority, yet mid-century interior design appears to have done just that. Twice. You’d be hard pushed to visit any homeware retailer or interiors website without coming across this timeless look. It’s a style that first came to be in the early 1930s, having grown out of early-20th-century Modernism and Germany’s Bauhaus style, and driven by the post-war scarcity of traditional materials.



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