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Lagom är bäst, meaning “just the right amount is best” or “enough is as good as a feast”, is the Swedish proverb behind the latest Scandanavian lifestyle trend that many are calling the new hygge. Last year, it seemed everyone was getting a book about hygge in their Christmas stocking, the Danish trend encouraging the simple pleasures in life and savouring a feeling of cosiness and contentment. (more…)

We all love the comfort of a roaring fire on a cold dark night, but recently wood burning stoves appear to have gotten a bad reputation. So if you are wondering about getting one for your home this winter, here we offer some useful information on wood burning stoves for the home. (more…)

Moving home, buying and selling property, letting or renting – they are never simple transactions. Most of the times these processes appear simply bureaucratic efforts but in truth, they all have major impact on people’s lives. At Clyde Property we strive to recognise the importance of each and every property journey and make efforts to help clients have as smooth a ride as possible. (more…)

Earlier this week, the biggest day for the country’s finances took place, as UK Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed the contents of this year’s Budget. So, what was in it for the property market?
Here, we take a look at the headline figures. (more…)

There is one (widely known) secret to making a house move less stressful and that is organisation. Not all of us enjoy thorough planning, many love the spontaneity of things and we can definitely appreciate the charm of impromptu decisions, however, we should face the truth of the fact that moving our many worldly possessions need a degree of planning and will make the transition much smoother for everyone. (more…)

With more than over 70 percent UK adults logging onto social media platforms daily, online networks have become an imperative part of our lives. From the way we consume news, decide on our next holiday destination or keep in touch with friends and family, there are no ends to what you can do with social media. (more…)

Whilst this may seem like a frivolous topic, the power of the senses should never be underestimated. Smell, for one, really does have a significant impact on the way viewers react to your home. Aside from doing a thorough clean to neutralise everyday odours and improve the scent profile of your home, it’s incredibly important to give careful consideration to the way you fragrance your home in preparation for viewings. (more…)

According to a recent survey carried out by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), a whopping 79% of UK estate agents consider the current home-buying process in the UK to be outdated. We couldn’t agree more, we’re just a bit surprised that this figure isn’t higher—nay unanimous! We’ve long since believed this to be the case and have already made a number of improvements to bring our estate agency services and methods up to date with the needs and demands of today’s home buyers and sellers. (more…)

On 1st December 2017, a new private residential tenancy regime will come into effect in Scotland. Landlords will no longer be permitted to grant Short Assured Tenancies or Assured Tenancies. These new measures are being introduced by the Scottish Government with a view to improving safeguards for all parties, included tenants, landlords, lenders, and investors. (more…)

Although many times overlooked, the way we choose to light our home makes just as much difference as the wall paint and flooring. It is recommended by a specialist to start planning your lighting design early on if you are starting a home improvement or extension project to benefit from the most flexibility in choosing the right light solutions.

But read on even if you are not planning for a complete home makeover but would just like to add light accents to improve your current home. Here are a few tips on how to get your home under the best light. (more…)


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