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What makes a home, and gives that home value, is more than the number of bedrooms it contains, whether it has a private driveway, double garage or landscaped gardens. Bricks and mortar specifics are important, but putting an accurate value on a property also takes many other important factors into consideration – like location, amenities, schooling, or historic interest in certain neighbourhoods. (more…)

Home Staging Tips

April 25, 2018

Research shows that prospective buyers form an opinion on a property within a few seconds of walking through the front door – sometimes even beforehand! First impressions are most often the ones that stick, which is why we place such importance on the presentation of the homes we market for sale. The simplest changes to the interior and exterior of your home can make a huge difference, so we’re going to share with you some of our home staging tips to help you sell your property with success. Bear these in mind and you’ll see a marked improvement in viewing numbers, as well as higher offers and a quicker sale. (more…)

Kids’ Bedroom Trends

April 21, 2018

Here are some of the biggest kids’ bedroom trends that are likely to take off in 2018 to give you some guidance when it comes to crafting the perfect space for your child.  (more…)

According to recent statistics, 12 million of us in the UK regularly use our gardens and it’s not surprising that the quality of outdoor space is often a deal-breaker for many families when it comes to finding the perfect home. Just like homes, gardens are subject to trends too! Here are four of the most popular garden trends of the moment that will help you appreciate all that the great outdoors, and your garden, has to offer. (more…)

Are you renting out property in Glasgow’s West End? Then you probably know by now the local letting market is growing at a fast pace. At Clyde Property we have strong demand for accommodation from active, vetted tenants across all price brackets. Rents are rising and properties are letting faster than ever, with 70% of units coming to the market being let in a month or less. (source) (more…)

There has been plenty of media coverage on the topic of letting profitability, and while the landscape has become perhaps more complex to navigate, we believe there is a lot of opportunity for growth in this market, with the right guidance and information.

There are still great opportunities going in current property hot spots such as Glasgow’s West End, or in any area that has an obvious appeal – such as student cities or commuter towns. Though recent tax changes have made things slightly tougher for potential landlords, there is still good potential to invest well and supplement your income, pay into a rental property for a future pension fund, or even get into the property investment business full-time.

Like most investment opportunities, the more informed your decision, the better chance of your investment paying off. Consider the following points, and go in with your eyes wide open to any hidden costs and potential pitfalls as well as opportunities for success. (more…)

Starting a private art collection, whether as an investment or simply due to a genuine interest in art, may feel like an altogether daunting task if you have little to no working knowledge of this market. However, there’s no need to feel intimidated – anyone can experience the joy of buying and owning original art, irrespective of budget. The key is to do your research, be discerning, and trust your instinct. You may also wish to consider consulting a professional art advisor if you’re unsure of your decision or planning to invest a great deal of money. (more…)

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party for business reasons or for old friends, the best way to make sure you stand out as a host is to focus on providing an exceptional experience, filled with high quality dining, decor and conversation — an experience that your guests will not forget in a long time. (more…)

The latest UK House Price Index has been published and shows that the average value of property is continuing to increase across Scotland. It’s not just values that are increasing though. (more…)

We are certainly hoping for some warmer, sunnier weather as we head into April, towards the Easter holiday period. If so, it’s the perfect chance to step into Spring and get yourself and your family outdoors for some fresh air and a spot of walking in nature. Of course, we are spoilt when it comes to choosing the best spots for a walk in Scotland. Here we’ve selected a few places to explore on foot, from gentle, easy countryside walks to more challenging hill walks – why not take your hard boiled eggs up with you for a spot of egg-rolling this Easter weekend! (more…)


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