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If you’ve just kitted out your home in copper hexagonals and rose gold pineapples – which could be seen on any self respecting interior design Instagram feed in 2016, you may like to stop reading now. Well, on second thought, keep reading: the key luxury home trends for 2017 are as follows… (more…)

While nowadays we celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ once a year, festivities around motherhood trace all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece. The date of Mother’s Day changes annually because it is linked to Easter and, thus, the lunar calendar. It always falls on the third Sunday before Easter, which is usually at the end of March or early April. This year, the holiday will be celebrated across UK on Sunday 26th March. (more…)

The impact that our environments have on our mental and physical wellbeing has long been documented and is something we can all relate to in varying degrees. Given that we spend around 85% of our time indoors, it’s no surprise that a poorly designed environment can cause stress, drain us of energy, and hinder our natural regenerative abilities. To tackle this problem, you need to take a holistic approach to your interior design and make your home a lived experience. (more…)

Stuck for gift ideas for the new home owner? We have gathered a few suggestions for your art loving friend, foodie father-in-law, or world-travelling sister. Here are some thoughtful gifts to help them create a personalised new home. (more…)

Setting a price for your home is pivotal for a successful and quick sale. However, it is a decision that needs to be weighed carefully: ask for too little, you risk selling your home for far less than its potential value. Ask for too much and you could drive potential buyers away. (more…)

Buy-to-Let Hotspots

March 7, 2017

As we have been reporting for the past few months, the removal of a major tax relief for landlords is now less than a month away. (more…)

We love to hear stories about our sales and lettings teams going that extra mile for our valued customers to help them achieve their goals or acquire that dream property. Our Edinburgh and Stirling branches did not disappoint when they shared a recent story about Mr and Mrs De Gruyther, who successfully sold their property and purchased their perfect home through Clyde Property. (more…)

When it comes to interior design colour schemes, textiles, furniture, and the arrangement of decorative items, three is the magic number. Odd numbers create balance and distinguishable patterns that provide effective visual appeal, more so than even-numbered groupings. This is why the rule of three in interior design is so widely used. In fact, this universal principle holds weight in all aspects of design, including photography, graphic design, fashion, painting, and even gardening. So if you are planning to redecorate your home or revamp a property to sell or rent out, stick to this simple rule of thumb and you’ll be onto a winner. (more…)

Moving home can be a huge upheaval for the whole family and is often a life change that young members of your family will remember for life. Whilst adults focus on the necessities and/or positives of moving to a new property, children tend to be concerned about the loss of friends and the safe, familiar environment to which they have become accustomed. We have a few tips on how to prepare children for moving house to make your life a bit easier in the process. (more…)

Gardening Trends for 2017

February 14, 2017

Your garden may not be looking its best at the moment, but this is the perfect time of year to start making horticultural plans. Spring is just around the corner – we’re nearly there! (more…)


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