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Earlier this week, the biggest day for the country’s finances took place, as UK Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed the contents of this year’s Budget. So, what was in it for the property market?
Here, we take a look at the headline figures. (more…)

On 1st December 2017, a new private residential tenancy regime will come into effect in Scotland. Landlords will no longer be permitted to grant Short Assured Tenancies or Assured Tenancies. These new measures are being introduced by the Scottish Government with a view to improving safeguards for all parties, included tenants, landlords, lenders, and investors. (more…)

Investing in a buy-to-let property can be a great way to earn some extra income but it’s usually not as straight forward as securing a buy-to-let mortgage and getting tenants in to cover repayments (with hopefully extra on top of that for you too). There are various costs that are easily incurred in managing a rented property, year upon year. Before any significant property investment is made, it’s good to go in with your eyes wide open and after doing the maths, helping to ensure you’ll still be in profit. Here’s a list of the most likely costs that can be incurred as a landlord. (more…)

Buy-to-let property investment is becoming increasingly popular in Scotland. There are many other factors at play here, too—Edinburgh’s repeated ranking as one of the best places to live in the UK; the growing tech industry in Glasgow; the reputation and international appeal of Scottish universities; the huge price gap between properties North and South of the border; and the increasing demand for rental properties due to  lack of homes for sale. (more…)

Over the past few years, technology and the trend towards ‘the internet of things’ has disrupted the music industry via services such as Spotify, transport with services such as Uber, and now this trend is coming into our homes with smart technologies on the rise. (more…)

More than a month on since the EU Referendum vote, the financial markets are still reeling from the majority vote to leave the European Union. And with newly sworn in Prime Minister Theresa May at the helm, promising “Brexit means Brexit”, home owners across the country have been left wondering what effect this could and will have on the housing market. We have tried to make light on the issue of the post BREXIT property market in Scotland recently here. (more…)

As a landlord, we completely understand the importance of entrusting your property to the right agent.

That is why Clyde are completely committed to sourcing you the best tenant at the best possible rental price, maximising your return and ensuring your property holds or increases in value while under our management care. Quite simply, our “hands-on”, personal approach, 7-days-a-week, coupled with unique-service innovation, enable us to deliver the most comprehensive letting service available, of any agent today. (more…)

As people are coming to terms with the result of the Referendum and adjusting to a new reality of not being part of the EU, we are closely taking the pulse of the Scottish property market and we have some insights on current market trends to share with home owners and buyers who might be wondering what to do next. (more…)

Clyde Property’s success continues in the Capital, with our new office in Morningside, Edinburgh continuing to go from   strength to strength. The success stories are pouring in as our hardworking, dedicated team of property experts continue to outperform the market, delivering exceptional service; and going above and beyond for our clients’ day in, day out. (more…)

There can be a lot involved when planning to let property – from preparing your property for rent, deciding on the benefits of working with a letting agency, marketing, property viewing and negotiating offers – the checklist of a new landlord can be long. As the largest professional letting agency in Scotland, here’s a brief guide on how to make sure you are ready to let your property. (more…)


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