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According to a recent Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) survey, house prices in Scotland are expected to rise over the next few months and 36% of surveyors questioned predicted that there would be an increase in Scottish property sales over the next quarter. In addition, more surveyors said that they expected prices to rise over the next three months. (more…)

Lending figures for the first quarter of the year have revealed the highest level of borrowing for home buying since the 2007 crash.

This leap in home buying coincided with the run up to the implementation of the new stamp duty tax, which came into force on April 1 of this year. (more…)

The Chancellor has presented his 2016 Budget to Parliament yesterday and we made a quick round up of what we consider highlights for your personal finances and the property market.

First and foremost, this budget projects to help the UK economy work on surplus by 2019-2020, in spite of the chancellor being forced to revise down his growth forecasts and admit he had missed key targets in his Budget, like debt falling as a proportion of national income and his self-imposed cap on welfare spending. (more…)

When it comes to investing, more and more people who can afford to, are looking towards buy-to-let investments. With savings interest rates still woefully low, and stock market volatility, investing in rental properties has never looked more lucrative. However, as with all property purchases, location is key. Or is it? (more…)

New Home Building Scotland

Last week a £50 million infrastructure fund was announced, which is intended to speed up the construction of thousands of new homes in Scotland, according to the Scottish Government. (more…)

Clyde Property New Homes

At Clyde Property, we pride ourselves on being the leading estate agency in Scotland and offering new home developers excellently tailored marketing packages that are guaranteed to successfully sell out their property. We believe that through our local branches, who offer expert advice seven days a week, together with our online and offline marketing, we can successfully sell entire phases of new house developments. Some recent examples showcase our commitment and involvement in every stage of the selling process as well as the results of our efforts. (more…)

But To Let Investors Tax

A tax change revealed by George Osborne in the 2015 budget has dealt a huge blow to landlords, as a vital tax relief has been removed. The result is that thousands of buy-to-let landlords will now pay far more in tax as they will only be able to claim tax relief at the basic rate of tax, which is currently 20 per cent. This could be of serious concern for landlords, as the change could render their rentals to a state of unprofitability. (more…)

Are you an investor, or perhaps just a homeowner thinking of purchasing a buy to let property to supplement your income? If so, you might be aware that as of April 1st 2016 any additional property, such as a second home or a buy to let that costs more than £40,000, will be subject to the additional LBTT supplement of 3% tax on the purchase price. (more…)


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