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But To Let Investors Tax

A tax change revealed by George Osborne in the 2015 budget has dealt a huge blow to landlords, as a vital tax relief has been removed. The result is that thousands of buy-to-let landlords will now pay far more in tax as they will only be able to claim tax relief at the basic rate of tax, which is currently 20 per cent. This could be of serious concern for landlords, as the change could render their rentals to a state of unprofitability. (more…)

Are you an investor, or perhaps just a homeowner thinking of purchasing a buy to let property to supplement your income? If so, you might be aware that as of April 1st 2016 any additional property, such as a second home or a buy to let that costs more than £40,000, will be subject to the additional LBTT supplement of 3% tax on the purchase price. (more…)


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